Mike Tristano & Co. specializes in having the most affordable
blank-firing prop guns handling and technical support
and non-firing replica rentals in the industry.

At Mike Tristano and Co. we are on-set weapons specialists/armorers providing movie prop gun rentals and on-site training of talent. We also provide weapon-related special effects such as dust hits and blood hits as well as makeup FX. We do NOT sell firearms or weapons of any kind. Everything shown on our site is for rental for motion picture and television work ONLY. We are not open to the public. Please call 818-522-0969 to make arrangements to rent our prop weapons. Pick up and drop off of rental packages is done by appointment only.


When squibs are required but are not affordable, and a bullet hit of some kind is needed, blood hits are the answer. A flexible styrene plate is placed on the actor or actress under the wardrobe and a special gelatin capsule filled with movie blood is fired at the plate from off-camera, giving a realistic-looking bullet hit and blood splatter. This process is fast and totally safe. Please note: blood hits cannot be used on bare skin.

Watch the demo video to see how blood hits work.

Dust Hits and Wall Hits

Included in our weapons package is a specially-fitted air gun that fires dust hits and wall hits to give your film the realistic look of bullets hitting objects around actors. We make all hits in our shop and can do any specialty type of hit your production might require. These hits consist of specially-made gelatin capsules filled with various materials to simulate dust or dirt kicked up from gunfire. There is no explosive charge involved in the process.

Custom Work

Not all our inventory is shown on this site and we customize our gun package to fit your needs. If there’s something you don’t see, contact us for more information. We also make custom weapons of all kinds, including edged weapons and other hand-to-hand combat weapons. If you’re doing a futuristic or post-apocalypse-type film, we also do all kinds of custom movie firearms and hi-tech weaponry.

Cadavers, Body Parts & Makeup FX and Prop Fabrication

We can create prosthetics, wound simulations, gore FX, creatures, monsters, body parts or full cadavers, all custom-made to fit your production’s needs. We also have a full range of generic body parts and cadavers (including burned or charred corpses) in stock at all times for rental.

Need more information? Call Mike at 818-522-0969.