Prop Pirate Guns

The Golden Age of Piracy spans from the 1650s to the 1730s and refers to one or more outbursts of piracy in the maritime history of the early modern period.

We provide period-correct prop pirate guns including matchlock and flintlock pistols, rifles and blunderbusses. We also carry edged weapons from the pirate period including swords, dirks, daggers, hand axes, boarding axes, boarding pikes and period hand grenades. We are black powder experts. All blank-firing prop pirate gun rentals must be accompanied by one of our licensed armorers or your licensed qualified propmaster.

Call us at 818-522-0969 for details on having an armorer on your set, or renting replica guns. We are a motion picture and television prop guns and props rental only facility located in Los Angeles, CA.

We do not sell firearms or weapons of any kind.

Shown is just a small representation of what we have available. Please call us at 818-522-0969 to ask about our full lines of prop guns and weaponry in all categories.

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