Suicide Bomber Vests/Terrorist Weapons and Accessories

We do not sell firearms or weapons of any kind.

Suicide bombers blow themselves up in order to attack people or property. They may attach explosives to their bodies, which permits them to access crowded areas where placing explosives would otherwise be difficult.

The lightweight, shoulder launched weapons known as RPGs were originally designed to damage tanks. RPGs inflict most damage on unarmed vehicles and personnel in conflicts today, since tanks have been designed to resist RPG attacks.

The main distinguishing feature of an Improvised Explosive Device, commonly called an IED, is its makeshift or homemade quality; IED builders use materials at hand, and a variety of techniques, to create explosives designed to be lethal. They may use explosives alone, or combine explosives with radiological, chemical or biological materials. The explosives may homemade, commercial or military grade.

We have suicide bomber vests, and terrorist weapons and accessories from many conflicts. Call 818-522-0969 for more information.

Shown is just a small representation of what we have available. Please call us at 818-522-0969 to ask about our full lines of prop guns and weaponry in all categories.

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Call Mike at 818-522-0969 for more information and pricing.

By Appointment Only

We are NOT a prop house and we are NOT open to the public. We rent to motion picture and television productions; also to music videos, reality shows and documentaries, commericals, theaters, and student and short films. Please call 818-522-0969 to make arrangements to rent our prop weapons. Pick up and drop off of rental packages is done by appointment only.

About Us

We do NOT sell firearms or weapons of any kind. Everything shown on our site is for rental for motion picture and television work ONLY.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Mike Tristano & Co. is one of the largest suppliers of movie and television prop guns in the industry. Shown on our site is just a small representation of inventory available for RENTAL. All firing weapons MUST be accompanied by one of our licensed armorers.

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