Prop Dueling Pistols

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Dueling pistols are single-shot flintlock or percussion pistols manufactured in matching pairs to be used in a duel. The use of pistols in duels became popular in Britain, France and America during the mid-eighteenth century. Initially standard holster or traveling pistols were used, but by the end of the century special-purpose dueling pistols were being made in England, France, Germany, Austria and America.
They were made in pairs to put the duelists on equal footing. Dueling pistols had improvements that made them more reliable and accurate than other pistols, such as longer and heavier barrels, spurs on the trigger guards, saw handles, platinum-lined touch-holes and hair triggers. The extra care taken making dueling pistols made them much more costly than other firearms of the period. Pistols were identically loaded and each duelist was offered his choice of pistol. Duels were generally fought at short distances making extreme accuracy unimportant.
Pairs of dueling pistols were often supplied in wooden cases along with a powder flask, rods for cleaning and loading, spare flints and a bullet mold.
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We do NOT sell firearms or weapons of any kind. Everything shown on our site is for rental for motion picture and television work ONLY.

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