Gunny Time with R. Lee Erme

Gunny’s new show aired on the Outdoor Channel in September. Mike appeared on episode 108 with Gunny.

Why Not Shoot in Kern County?

Tired of the expense and hassle of filming in Los Angeles? Why not try Kern County? Just to the north and east of Los Angeles, historic Kern County offers a wide variety of looks: classic Americana, cities large and small, desolate roads, barren desert, rolling hills, agriculture, a raging whitewater river, lakes, awe-inspiring red cliffs, the Old West and more. And best of all — there are NO film or road permits needed. Check out to find out more.

Mike on Auction Hunters

Season 5 of Auction Hunters premieres Saturday, October 11 at 9pm (PST). Watch Mike talking to the guys about the Indian Wars items they found on the first episode of the new season.


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